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Define & Promote your Brand Values

Solidify your core values & help your business stand out from the crowd.

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What you’ll learn in my

35-minute Master Class

Post-it Process — An exercise to define brand values you can do with your team or closest supporters

Survey Strategy — How to get insights from your clients


Values Marketing — Ways to connect your values to your digital strategy

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I cannot begin to say how much this information has helped me see marketing as something that is a natural, easy, and necessary arm of my business and its future.

Any overwhelm that I felt about creating content to market myself including blog writing, sending out weekly newsletters, and posting on social media was erased with simple, digestible, and actionable strategy to get things done.

— Terriell Samuels, Pilates Instructor

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In case we don’t yet know each other!! I get fired up thinking about how small businesses and entrepreneurship can give freedom to anyone, making room for more people to be more human – focusing their energy and time on family, friends and doing good. I’m upset about all the time we aren’t making a difference just because we aren’t meeting deadlines or writing copy that strikes the right chord or showing up in a genuine and caring way on social… I worry about missed opportunities just because deciding to do something takes too long. I envision a world with your greater impact because creative people and nonprofits may be low on resources, but they’re flush with passion, and they bring energy, beauty, kindness and service to their audiences. You can learn more about me & my marketing and web design project management experience here. 🙂

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