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Looking for easy-to-implement, undeniably actionable marketing techniques?

You’re in the right place. We teach easy, practical online marketing classes and workshops that have a big impact on who you reach and how they engage with your company.

Think: better messaging, easier workload, and many more sales.

My Teaching Style

I teach all my marketing programs and workshops with three questions in mind: what’s the big picture, how can we break it down into action steps, and how can I support you if you get stuck?

Our signature marketing program

Grow your business and find your best-fit clients with a marketing system that feels genuine, organized and easy-to-implement — even if you’re intimidated by tech, hate social media or have zero more hours in the day to spend on marketing.

“Amy is awesome.

I am already creatively coming up with a strategy to overcome my interaction-phobia with media. Thanks for getting me on the right track!”

— Whitney Browne, Whitney Browne Photography

Monthly Workshops

If you’re feeling stuck, the best thing to do is take one step forward. Amy’s online marketing classes and workshops are action-oriented, teaching apply-it-now strategies for your website, email, social media and more.

Our Workshops


The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Marketing

Let’s take a look at marketing trends together and learn what you should focus your energy on this year.


Refresh Your Website in 3 Easy Steps

Walk through easy web fixes that ensure your audience is finding the right (and most compelling!!) information on your site.


30 Days of Content Marketing in 5 Hours or Less

Borrow my tried and true process to create a whole month’s worth of social media posts in half a day.

“I found your approach to marketing to be very humane and accessible.

I left the workshop with less fear and more clarity, and a yearning desire to SHARE my passions with the world. I particularly enjoyed the worksheets you provided us with, which I still reference and update from time to time. Thanks for keeping it REAL and friendly and helping me see there can be love in marketing after all.

— Gianina Casale, Dance artist

More Ways to Learn

I’ve designed courses, facilitated workshops and participated in panel discussions for University of Denver, LEAP at St. Mary’s College, Barnard College, New York Foundation for the Arts, Gibney Dance, The Artist Co-op, Pentacle, and more.

Contact me and let’s design a custom teaching experience together.

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