Where I Stand: Black Lives Matter


I have been spending a lot of time on Instagram, and I realized I have neglected to make my stance clear here, where some of you may not be part of that conversation.

I am outraged by the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many others killed at the hands of police officers and private citizens because of their race.

I stand with all those fighting the systemic racism that Black communities and people of color face, here in NYC and across the globe.

I believe Black Lives Matter. I believe Black Entrepreneurs Matter. Black Girl Magic Matters. Black Owned Businesses Matter. Black Artists and Creators Matter.

That position, that statement, does not absolve me from doing the messy, hard and ongoing work of becoming and being anti-racist. It does not mean I close my laptop for the day and celebrate my “good white person” points. There are no points. I do not deserve them. I do not get them. I do not count them.

My team (all white, all who identify as women) recently discussed what we’re working on:

I am also recommitted to hiring BIPOC to this team, BIPOC as contractors and advisors on current and future projects, and recommending/referring BIPOC to our clients for other work.

Recently, I was told “perfection is a form of oppression.”

(Even after doing some Googling, I’m unsure of the origin here, but good, here’s an example of imperfection – I can’t figure out how exactly to credit that thought…)

I know I have been afraid to demonstrate my ally-ship, because I know it will not be perfect. I might choose the wrong words. Or not have enough knowledge. I’m committed to showing up anyway.

Now you know where I stand.


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