Start Marketing with Confidence (not sleaze)

3 Secrets To Showing Up For Your Business With Empathy, So You Can Steadily Grow Your Client List & Revenue Without Misplacing Your Integrity



3 Secrets To Showing Up For Your Business With Empathy, So You Can Steadily Grow Your Client List & Revenue Without Misplacing Your Integrity

In this free master class, you’ll learn:

How applying best practices and prioritizing platforms will save you tons of time and energy

Which is much better spent on the services you provide to your best-fit clients (who will soon be knocking down the door to work with you!!)

A major mindset shift that will transform the way you think about marketing

So you’ll leave class believing marketing can be an easy, natural extension of what you do best in your business

Why you must get clear and focus on your ideal audience

Or you’ll continue to shout and post into the void, hearing crickets in response to everything you do

how to approach marketing genuinely and generously

Meaning you don’t have to turn on your best used car salesperson persona whenever you have something to promote

Join Me

Creative solopreneurs and freelancers Should Work for Steady Growth and Genuine Engagement Over BRIEF BUMPS IN Follower Count and Quick, SHORT-TERM Marketing Wins

Service providers and entrepreneurs who have a crystal clear mission for how they want to serve, and wish to maintain integrity in their brand, have every opportunity to excel if they employ a consistent and confident marketing plan.

Even if you’re a total technophobe, burnt out on the mere idea of social media marketing, or you constantly find yourself moving today’s marketing tasks onto tomorrow’s to-do list, you can absolutely grow and attract your list of best-fit clients and build a waitlist for your services. 

Join me to learn how to build a marketing practice in your business that gets consistent results without ever becoming an overwhelming burden on your energy and time.

This masterclass is a Must-Attend if you…

know there are best practices and systems to this whole online marketing thing, but have no idea how to implement them

feel completely overwhelmed by the number of marketing channels out there, and already feel stretched thin by your day-to-day work in your business

are ready to start focusing on projects in alignment with your strengths and values, rather than saying yes to every opportunity that comes through the door, just in case there’s a drought of opportunities later

A Personal Invitation from Amy

Let me say this first – I know how all-consuming, energy-draining and magically life-affirming growing your service-based business can be. 

I’ve spent the past 8 years building a successful marketing consulting business through excellent client relations and confident, consistent marketing. And it wasn’t until I perfected my marketing methodology that I decided to share it more widely through teaching, speaking and online workshops like this one.

This mindset-shifting master class was created to teach my fellow service providers how to harness the confidence necessary to approach marketing with genuine, memorable, growth-sparking ease. 

If you’re committed to incorporating today’s best practices in online marketing to grow your client list and revenue – without stretching yourself beyond your means – I can’t wait to show you Start Marketing with Confidence!

Choose the time that works best for you >

See you there!






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