Amy Jacobus Marketing has designed websites, email templates and promotional print pieces for many entrepreneurs and creatives. Thing is, we refuse to design anything without purpose. If you work with us, on designing your website or designing a postcard, we will ask tons of questions before we get started to get to the root of why we’re making something together. Whether you want to sell your services or impress your colleagues, we want to design with purpose.

Pssst!!  We design all of our own stuff in-house, so if you like our website, emails and general vibe, chances are you’ll like what we can come up with for you, too.

“OMG. We arE *SO* stinking thrilled.

It’s one thing to see the individual pages of the website in design, but all together live online… it’s just so AWESOME.”

– Erin Donohue, Liz Lerman Dance


We are huge believers in the power of email. Email is the only way to communicate with your audience directly and be 100% sure they heard you.

Sure, social media can be key to building an audience and driving traffic to your website, but the Zuckerbergs of the world have the real control over your followers. With email, you are in charge of when, how much and what exactly your subscribers see your work.

We also know there are days (maybe months??) you just can’t find the minutes or muster up the energy to get that email out on time.

For the first time ever, we are offering done-for-you emails. Send us the details and we’ll send your next email!

Social Media Graphics

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I am a big fan of a highly curated, beautiful social feed.

Why do unique-to-you images and consistently eye-catching graphics make a difference? They set you apart as professional and build trust. They communicate your energy and attract perfect-fit followers in a glance. They show you mean business!

I highly encourage our clients to invest in high-quality photography (something we cannot provide for you but could suggest awesome photographers!) and compelling graphics.

Sometimes you just need some killer branded Canva templates to use again and again and keep your look cohesive & smart. Or a beautifully laid out Facebook ad image to stop people mid-scroll. We can do that.


If your site is still not mobile-friendly, it’s full of jargon and it looks totally dated, you’re probably in need of a website redesign.

We build simple, user-friendly Squarespace sites for individuals and more flexible WordPress sites for small companies scaling quickly who need room to grow.

Our process starts with a discussion of your sales and engagement goals and your current branding and style guide. We’ll organize your content into a user-friendly structure, help with copywriting and design pages that fit your unique style. Then, we’ll build your site and teach you how to use it.

We always hand over the keys to our clients. You should never be without access to updating and maintaining your own website! Don’t trust a designer/developer who tells you otherwise.

Browse examples of our recently designed sites here.

Can’t find what you need here?

We still might be able to help. Tell us about your custom concerns.

Maybe you’re a die-hard DIY-er.

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