Web Copywriting by Amy Jacobus Marketing
I’m experienced in ripping up jargon, slashing run-on sentences and instructing your web visitors to buy tickets, donate or inquire.

Your insider knowledge of your company can actually block you from writing great copy. Too much “here’s what we do, and we’re fabulous,” and not enough “here’s what you get from engaging with us.” My first step is to take into consideration what your ideal client/consumer/audience wants to know. My next step is to speak in their language.

SEO Friendly

Stuffing your copy with keywords can be stilted at best and robotic at worst. I can find the balance between search engine optimized and actually approachable. I acknowledge the Google gods but primarily write to real-live humans.


My background is in dance and journalism, so I’m a communicator by nature. Deadline-oriented? Check. Ruthless editor? Check. Grammar & accuracy geek? Triple check.

Content Creator

I won’t only suggest copy for your project – I can also brainstorm other ways to tell your story. Would video or imagery or icons better convey what you’re looking to say? I’ll let you know before drafting a sentence.

Why do you need a copywriter in the first place?

Good question. You might be struggling with your writing online, because it just doesn’t contain the keywords essential to pulling your audience in through Google searches and AdWord buys.

You might be stuck in a rut, using corporate-speak or flat, organization-approved descriptors that don’t actually mean anything. Your web copy could come from a variety of writers and thinkers who don’t mesh in tone or rhythm, so everything feels scattered. You may be behind on your deadlines and need someone who loves deadlines.

Whatever the case, your web copywriting needs clarity, cohesion and probably some trimming down. I can help.

Amy’s Words

Amy’s Words

Christopher Duggan Photography

“More than anyone else, your wedding photographer is responsible for telling the story of your family — a story that will be retold and treasured for generations to come. It’s a delicate and critical role: I’m there to capture the many fleeting moments of a wedding, to record the true essence of that day, and to create a stunning archive of your story.”

Nel Shelby Productions

“Our team is made of dancers and choreographers who know exactly what you need to share your work with presenters, grant-makers, festivals, and more. High-quality video that showcases your work as you intended it to be seen. No fancy zooms. No fuzzy, overexposure. Just pure, gorgeous documentation of your dance, uploaded online for you to share.”

Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival

“Supporting Jacob’s Pillow means supporting dance artists at every stage of their careers. University students interested in choreography can attend rehearsals to see world-class artists in action. Dance-makers with only the seeds of an idea are invited to research concepts and investigate movement in residency at the Pillow. And award-winning choreographers bring world premieres to the stage during the Festival.”

Brooklyn Friends School

“Brooklyn Friends School has been providing a challenging academic program to its students since 1867. Guided by the Quaker principles of truth, simplicity, and peaceful resolution of conflict, our educational environment values academic achievement and social growth.”


Web copy projects are priced on a per project basis. Tell me more about your project for a quote. 

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