Our Values

Purpose-Driven Work

At Amy Jacobus Marketing, we work often with non-profits, arts organizations and heart-centered solopreneurs, so we know how to pitch, plan and create communications that achieve short-term goals but also align with a longer term vision. We center your voice in your marketing, and we prefer projects that aim for good as much as they aim for profit.

Strategic Thinking

One of Amy’s top results on the Strengths Finder test is “strategic”—that is, she can quickly sense patterns and designs solutions and pathways forward based on desired outcomes but also an understanding of potential issues. Someone once called her a “project clairvoyant.” The entire team will always ask “why” before proceeding with a task, and we relish in creating new ways to engage, interact and connect through marketing.

Smart Tests & Data-Driven Evaluation

We know done is better than perfect, and admit that sometimes the most exciting ideas in-house don’t translate for the audience outside the office. That’s why we’re quick to take action, and we’re sticklers for collecting and analyzing data at every point possible. Our websites are meant to sustain iterative improvements as we observe real-life interaction; our social strategy is meant to evolve through trial and error. Our team is made up of former dancers—we understand more than most how to absorb and implement constructive criticism.

Refine Your Ideal Audience

Outstanding Organization

We’re project managers at heart. Our team is highly organized and loves to structure and systematize the work at hand. We know a lot of projects break down due to poor planning or miscommunication. That’s why we structure our projects with realistic timelines and clear expectations. Most importantly, we pay ample attention to checking in and anticipating needs, even when we’re heads down, executing the work. You’ll never be in the dark.

Meaningful Boundaries

We believe that careful planning mitigates the need for stressful, last-minute work. That’s why we develop reasonable and respectful timelines with our clients, ensuring that neither our team nor yours will be overtaxed in providing revisions and feedback. When things are truly urgent, we will address them as soon as possible. But we will not work from a place of panic. Please understand, we will address your concerns with respect to our mutual capacities, setting clear expectations for when we are available to you.


We consider transparency to be the most honest approach to marketing, and we strive for transparency in our relationships with clients, too. Just as your marketing endeavors should refrain from ambiguity if the goal is to reach your audience with clarity, we see the value in being sincere and open in our interpersonal communications as well.


Above all, AJM values warmth and support in our relationships with clients. We choose to work with clients we respect and truly want to see succeed. We bring joy and positivity to our work, even on a deadline. We’re real and human, and know you are, too. Excellent care is our M.O.

A Commitment to Becoming & Being Anti-Racist

AJM has taken the Anti-Racist Small Business Pledge, designed by Rachel Rodgers / Hello Seven. As such, we are in an ongoing commitment to:


Name white supremacy and the impact of racism in our professional lives — right now, this comes in the form of discussing anti-racism in team meetings and re-evaluating and revising resources, teachings and programs we provide as a company to our clients;


Engage in anti-racist education for our team — right now, this comes in the form of sharing resources, programs and webinars, with the intention that our team members’ time spent on anti-racist trainings will be compensated by Amy Jacobus Marketing;


Commit to open-conflict and allow discomfort — right now, this looks like allowing space for team members, contractors and clients to be heard, to fight impulses to get defensive and instead take action to address underlying issues;


Invest a portion of our monthly company budget to the Black community — right now, we’re doing this through monthly donations to team-nominated, Black-led nonprofits;


Express our sincere, long-term commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization — right now, this looks like practicing making our statements of solidarity and commitment increasingly more public, and creating structure around regular, recurring  meetings to discuss progress, practices and promises as a team.

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