Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Burnt out on your own brand message?

Our marketing consulting and strategy for small business owners and creative entrepreneurs aims to unpack all that heavy baggage you’re carrying around when you go into marketing mode.

By guiding goal setting and creating systems, we set our clients up for success and more ease in their approach.

We know you have fewer resources than big corporations with huge ad spends, so we focus all our strategy on prioritizing and planning ahead. By batching content, sticking to a calendar and only putting your money where your fans are, we can maximize impact and minimize the time, energy & money you spend on your communications.


and more like I am consistently preparing for the future definitely makes marketing less stressful!”

– Cameron McKinney, kizuna Dance

Marketing Strategy Session

Your Challenge: You don’t even know where to start. Or you have a small-ish problem & need help fixing it.

I’ve been known to rattle off dozens of content marketing ideas and copy edits and new social strategies in my initial meetings with clients. 

But what’s more important than ideas? Action. 

And action is my specialty. I am a former dancer after all. 

Let’s meet to discuss your marketing sticking points, and I’ll pinpoint the best way to start and stay in motion. 

Typical challenges might be: 

  • How to arrange your website for a new business venture
  • Struggling to plan your content in advance
  • Confusion over who your audience is and why they should care

A Marketing Strategy Session includes 90 minutes of focused time and attention via video call.

What do you get in a 90-minute? A live mapping of ideas and insights that can keep you moving forward toward new goals in all aspects of your online marketing. A live copy review & suggested revisions. A map of touchpoints for your clients through their journey with your business. We’ll address whatever YOUR current challenge is.

And don’t worry, I’ll save and send a recording of our call for future reference. 

Two-Day Copy Turnaround

Your Challenge: Crafting copy that works.

Face it. You’re too close to your own ideas, and your project’s so personal, you could keep re-writing and re-writing till you’re dizzy and green in the face.

My approach to writing is based on radical empathy and keeping things human. I start by asking “who needs to read this?” and write as though I’m wearing your brand as a mascot costume, chatting it up with your ideal fan. 

Journalism-trained, storytelling-obsessed and design-inclined, I will inject clarity, cohesion and compelling calls-to-action into any copy you need.

Typical projects might be: 

  • Website copy for a new product or service
  • Writing a winning email nurture sequence
  • Voiceover or on-screen text for a documentary film
  • Creating a better About page or personal bio

The 2-Day Copywriting package includes:  

  • A 45-minute kickoff call to discuss your project and objectives
  • One day turnaround on first draft copy
  • One round of revisions after your review

Your final copy is delivered in a plain text Google doc, ready for you to copy & paste wherever it’s going! 

Six-Month Email Marketing Strategy

Your Challenge: You haven’t ever harnessed the power of email marketing. Or you’ve ghosted your subscribers so long, you’re afraid you’ll freak them out if you show up in their inboxes again.

Email marketing is my favorite. It’s one of the only digital modes of communication that’s invitation-only. Which means the people on your email list actually want to hear from you!

We approach email with an aim to create personalized, relevant and automated campaigns that build loyalty, trust and excitement in you and what you have to offer. 

If you’re not using email strategically, you are surely leaving money, support and referrals on the table. Let’s change that.

The Six-Month Email Strategy package includes:

  • A 45-minute kickoff call to talk about your email strategy, subscriber list and overall objectives
  • Deep dive into your email analytics to determine the efficacy of your past campaigns
  • Recommendations for new segmentation of your email list
  • Content planning, with one round of revisions

Your final email strategy is delivered as:

  • Content outlines for every email you will send in the next six months (these are detailed prompts, copywriting sold separately)
  • Design refresh of your regular email template
  • Setup of any new categorizations and segmentation for your subscriber list
  • A video tutorial on how to use your new email template and segment your newly categorized lists
  • Your very own six-month Google calendar with reminders and prompts to ensure you keep up with your new consistent email schedule

At checkout, you will also have the option to add on a welcome email sequence to nurture new subscribers and build loyalty and excitement from their very first touchpoint with your company. 


Your Challenge: Showing up consistently on social media feels like a chore. You can’t figure out how to connect your social media to your overarching sales goals. 

Chances are you can’t unlock the potential on Instagram or Facebook, because you’re too concerned about saying something interesting and not paying enough attention to making real connections.

Our approach to social media is based on compelling content and building relationships. We plan for both, and all you have to do is show up.

Wanna see what we’re capable of? Current social media clients include Christopher Duggan Photography, Jacob’s Pillow Dance and Nel Shelby Productions.

The Monthly Social Media Planning package includes:

  • A 45-minute kickoff call to discuss your current social media activity and overall objectives
  • Deep dive into your social analytics and market research to determine what’s working for you and your industry
  • Storytelling and engagement ideas, with one round of revisions

Your final social media plan is delivered as your very own Google calendar, with daily visuals and/or text ready for you to copy & paste directly into your social channels!

To be clear: we deliver all content and instructions for your engagement for the month. You do the actual posting. Why? We find it’s more effective and authentic if you’re still active on these channels, especially in direct messages. Don’t worry. It’s much easier to show up if you have your marching orders for the day. 

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