Amy’s Must-Have

For Servicepreneurs

A simple guide to assemble the fundamentals in marketing, and start promoting your business with confidence.

The Must-Have Marketing Starter Kit

In order to start attracting clients and promoting your service-based business with confidence, you really only need five things. That’s it!

Here’s what I’ll ask you to do:


Define your audience & identify your “inner circle.”


Write some things about yourself and your services.


Create a simple, 4-page website.


Set up a free email list.


Choose one social media platform and create a profile.

“Invest in this and get to know Amy.”

I highly encourage anyone who is working on their business/arts/anything venture to invest in this and get to know Amy. She is a gem and is a rarity in the consulting field in that she truly teaches and prepares you to do this work in an ongoing, strategic, and sustainable manner! Check it out, get started with this amazing kit!

— LeEanne G-Bowley, Artist & Strategist

Raise your hand if this is you:

You’re deeply uncomfortable talking about what you do with any real clarity or confidence (Yep. Been there. My business cards used to be a list of all my skills: copywriting, project management, etc.)

You’re totally stressed by the sheer volume of #content you’ve been told to create (How can you blog, post on social media, send out emails, pitch yourself to guest on podcasts and run your business??)

You’re completely overwhelmed by the technology needed to run a business nowadays (Do you need a chatbot on your website? How can you automate your calendar? What are Stories on Instagram? Why does your website have to be mobile-friendly? Do people even do email anymore?)

You want to devote some of your time right now to building foundations in your company (Maybe you find yourself with extra time at home while you’re practicing social distancing, and you really want to devote the energy to this kind of work.)

Or, you’re really excited about your business, but really unsure about where to start when it comes to establishing an online presence for it

Now, look around, because you’re not alone.

These are not uncommon challenges. We all have days when we suffer from imposter syndrome, when we can’t stop comparing ourselves to everyone else or find ourselves stuck in perfection paralysis…

But if you do the things in this Marketing Starter Kit one step at a time, you can be up and marketing your business with greater ease and conviction in two weeks or less. 

Grab our Marketing Starter Kit for Service-Providing Entrepreneurs and you’ll get:

The complete Marketing Starter Kit workbook. A beautiful, 23-page step-by-step guide to setting the foundations for your modern marketing (value: $350)

A special discount code for our Confident + Consistent Marketing program — 8 weeks of accountability & personal marketing support from Amy (value: $100)

I’m Amy Jacobus, and I’ve built a service-based business of my own by teaching purpose-driven service providers like you how to promote what they do with confidence and consistency. 

I knew I wanted to help people with their marketing, and I also knew I could leverage my skills and strengths into services. But it took me several years to realize I wasn’t “just a freelancer” — I had something real. **Cough** I had a business. That’s when I started to build my business with intention.

I was inspired to create this Starter Kit when I thought back to what I had in place when I started growing my business more intentionally. Wouldn’t it have been awesome if I had that from the beginning? That map and that mindset of intentional action? Well, here it is!

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