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Facebook Group Rules

There are really only two rules to participating in this community:

#1: Be Kind

I am proud that Amy Jacobus Marketing is a business built on kindness. My team and I joke that we should start using the tagline: Marketing for nice people. We treat each other with respect in here.

That said, we are not here to coddle each other, we are here to grow.

Kindness also encompasses honesty that is enveloped in care. As a member of this group, you agree to practice Radical Candor (link to TED talk?). To give direct and honest feedback with care. Sometimes this can look like “tough love,” but bottom line, it’s love.

#2: This is not your newest sales platform.

By all means, use this group to share specific marketing challenges. Ask all the questions about email marketing, website experience, analytics, social media content and more. But please do not use this space as an avenue for mini-blogging, preaching or directly selling your services.

It’s our hope relationships will blossom in here based on mutual trust and respect. If you act like a human, and genuinely connect, you might absolutely get some business out of being here.

Play by these rules, be generous, and hold your fellow members accountable with grace.


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    Thank you for joining us!

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