Free Resources

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Looking for a place to start?

My simple, action-oriented resources will help you get a head start on your marketing efforts. Totally free for you to use again and again.

Find Your Forever Fans

Great marketing starts with who you’re marketing to. That’s why we created a free workbook to help you better understand and locate your ideal audience for every service, product or event you have.

Amy and Paige Jacobus sit apart from each other at a booth in front of bright windows. Amy, in the forefront, writes digital marketing resources in her journal.
Arms and hands extend onto a table. Digital marketing resources are shared from a cell phone with a pink cover.

Delight your new Email Subscribers

We created a free welcome email template to help you introduce yourself and your services to your new email subscribers, so everyone knows what they signed up for. And to offer yet another touchpoint where you can delight your potential new clients and customers. 🙂

Group accountability? Yes Please

You don’t have to learn how to grow your business alone. Join my Confident + Consistent Marketing Facebook Group for marketing tips & tricks and check-ins from other learners.

Amy & Paige Jacobus share marketing resources over coffee. The two women are smiling and wearing colorful outfits, sitting at a booth in front of a large window.

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