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Quizzes are fun.

I’m gonna be honest here. I’m a badass boss lady who mostly maintains focus on the task at hand, even when I’m working on the internet, and constantly signed into multiple social media outlets.

But I will admit I have gotten sidetracked by my fair share of online quizzes.

I’ve taken quizzes about:

  • what house I’d be in at Hogwarts (Ravenclaw)
  • how Midwestern I am (pretty Midwestern)
  • which Friends character is the most like me (Monica, duh)
  • how old I am based on how I swear (fairly accurate, weirdly)
  • and more

Who doesn’t love a mindless quiz?

But did you ever consider creating a not-so-mindless quiz to collect leads for your company?

When Interact* approached me to try out their quiz-builder and write about my experience, I was thrilled. I had actually been wanting to create a quiz for my audience for a while, but I didn’t want to go through the tech hassle of building it on my website myself.

Below I’ll take you through the reasons why I wanted to build a quiz in the first place, and talk about the advantages to this type of lead capture.

It might just inspire you to dream up and build your own!


Are you an Instagram Artist? A Pinterest Prodigy? Take my quiz to see how it works & learn how best to show off your own brand of social media stardom in the process! 


Many of the quizzes I admit to getting distracted by are a total waste of time.

I already know I’m from the Midwest, thanks. I still call it “pop,” and when I apologize sincerely to people I bump into on the street, native New Yorkers glare at me like I’m some kind of alien.

Knowing I’m a “Ravenclaw” does nothing to help me solve issues in my business or bring my sales to the next level.

But sometimes, knowing something about yourself – or even just being prompted to think more deeply about your strengths – can bring your business to the next level or enhance your success!

A lot of my awesome clients – creative entrepreneurs and artists – have a hard time committing real time and energy to social media without feeling overwhelmed. It’s my mission to help them better prioritize their time online, so I often consult them on the networks they should use their gifts to connect with their audience and the networks they should ditch entirely.

When Interact* got in touch with me about building a quiz. I already had one in mind.

Find Your Perfect Social Media Match is not only built to be fun to fill out. It’s also meant to provide a lesson on incorporating joy in your social media strategy. The quiz shines a light on some of your natural preferences and gifts to prompt you to consider spending more time and energy on a specific social platform.


#2. quizzes can help you segment your audience

Based on your answers to my quiz, you’ll be classified as one of seven possible types of social media mavens.

Interact* automatically pulls your contact information into my Mailchimp list, and I set up that integration to add you to a specific email group based on your social media type.

Now I have more than just your email address – I know a little bit about your personality, your preferences and what you might need more teaching on later!

If you are deemed an Instagram Artist, I know you are probably a more visual person so I can design emails to you with more imagery. You might want to connect with me on Instagram, because I’m active there, too. And if I plan on blogging about IG Story strategy or teaching an online class with Instagram tips, you should be the first to know!

#3. Quiz results can trigger MORE personalized INTERACTION WITH NEW LEADs

I’ve written before about how making email warm, personable and personalized is super important to building loyalty from your list.

Using a quiz as lead capture gives you so much more information about someone than just “they wanted this free resource.”

You can build a series of emails providing information on a topic they’re interested in. You can offer specialized services to them based on their quiz result. You can keep a conversation going and spark a dialogue, instead of a one-sided marketing ploy.

Creative entrepreneurs who took my quiz last month received three of my best tips for succeeding on their social media platform of choice. Not only that, but they were prompted to sign up for a new (and FREE) master class I was teaching on marketing with confidence.

Our first interaction was fun and then I followed up with valuable and practical information to help them succeed. That’s a pretty great start to a new relationship with a totally cold prospect, don’t you think?


Once you’ve created a quiz and set up a series to make your new subscriber feel welcome and cared for, you can watch your list grow far into the future!!

Now that my quiz is live, I’ve been able to post it to my homepage, on the sidebar of my main blog page, and throughout the experience of navigating my website. I have posted it on my Instagram bio, created ads for it on Facebook and IG, and sent it out to those already on my email list who might want to benefit from the lessons the quiz provides.

Thanks to my quiz, I am getting new leads on my email list every day, without much extra work. It’s about as close to a set-it-and-forget-it situation as I have in my business!

Important: don’t mistake this for magic. I had to institute some marketing of my quiz and make sure it’s visible and appealing on different areas of my website before I started to see the leads roll in more organically. 

Creating a quiz can be a great way to build warm relationships with cold leads.

It’s simple, really. Start with fun, add some value, and prompt your new subscriber to take further action or start up a dialogue.

If you’re interested in attracting new email subscribers with joy and creativity, try creating a quiz with Interact.* There are tons of templates to inspire you before you build your unique quiz, and the builder is easy to use and connect with your email marketing. Let me know if you try it out – I’d love to hear your quiz idea!!

Whenever you see an asterisk (*) on my site, that means that I am an affiliate of that company. If you use my link to build your quiz, I will receive a commission. 🙂


If you don’t know who your ideal client, customer or audience member is, chances are you’re wasting every minute you spend on social media, emails and more.

That’s why we created a worksheet to help you better understand and locate your ideal audience for every service or product or event you have. Totally free to use again and again!

    I strategize, consult and manage digital marketing and communications for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. I’m based in Brooklyn, because I have a thing for exposed brick, cozy, local coffee shops and the can’t stop, won’t stop energy of New York.

    Because I work with small companies, I get the chance to really know my clients – what makes them tick and how and why they should stand out in a crowded marketplace. A lot of my clients have a smaller staff, a limited budget and are already stretched thin for time. This leads us to tailor marketing strategies and solutions to each company’s unique needs and actual capacity.

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