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So, You’re A Video Vixen

You have always been comfortable on camera. From hamming it up in home movies on the ol’ camcorder to Snapchatting restaurant reviews to your friends. Live video doesn’t intimidate you at all, and you’d love to land your own reality show one day. You can comfortably live on YouTube, Facebook Live, Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Go for it all or choose one, but get yourself in front of the camera already!



Live video is having a HUGE moment, and you are the perfect candidate to take advantage of the reach and exposure you can gain from going live on video instead of just recording in advance. Make sure you plan an outline of what you’re going to say and talk about if you go live on Instagram Stories, Facebook or anywhere else. You don’t have to prepare and memorize anything (that would be robotic) but be yourself and have a plan! Take questions and interact with your followers for an added bonus of connection and charm.

Add Captions

Adding captions to your spoken word videos will vastly improve the number of views your video receives online. Many people scroll with the sound off, so they’re initially looking for a hook to keep watching without any audio! Adding captions means they’ll know what you’re saying and know if they want to turn sound on and tune in. On platforms without captioning – Instagram Stories, for example – overlay some text so there’s at least a clue or cue about what topic you’re talking about!

When It Isn’t Live, Make It Look Great

Live video doesn’t have to have great lighting or framing, and people will forgive you, because it feels more informal and off-the-cuff. Produced videos, however, should have a lot more polish! If you’re not a great editor, invest in someone who is. Use a high-quality camera and make sure the shots are beautiful and draw a viewer in.

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