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So, You’re A Podcast HOST IN THE MAKING

While not technically a social media channel, you are SO good at broadcasting your life, you should consider adding podcasts to your content strategy. When voice memo became a thing, you knew everything was right with the world. You sort out all your best ideas out loud to anyone who will listen, including your dog. Podcasts are your absolute obsession: true crime, business advice, politics, comedy, whatever. Go ahead and order that fancy new microphone on Amazon. You’re gonna be in everyone’s earbuds soon.


Become an Expert with Audio Equipment

If you’re going to invest in some learning, put time into really creating a crisp and clear sound for your podcast endeavors. Read reviews for microphones and find the best one in your price range. Create a special recording space in your house.

Try Keeping It Short & Sweet

What can you do with 20-30 minutes for your podcast episode? Many podcasts run an hour (some, even more)! Realize that you’re competing for people’s time and try to do something that can fit in their daily commute and become part of their routine.

Don’t Improvise

Plan your content. Think of how much effort and planning goes into episodes of highly-produced and acclaimed shows like Serial. Producers can spend hours planning + prepping their content to produce a good show. You don’t need to be this intentional, but you should know a fully formed outline and main objectives before you hit record!

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