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So, You’re An Instagram Artist

Everything you do is photogenic. The food you eat. The places you visit. The lattes you pour. Instagram is your ultimate hot spot for sharing your best and most consistent content. You’re an artist. Do your thing.



Use hashtags relevant to your content to help people find what you share! Go on a hunt for hashtags that relate to what you share AND relate to your ideal audience. If you want to attract entrepreneurs, for example, try looking at #entrepreneurship, then clicking through related hashtags that feel to better fit your content. Go deeper than the big, obvious, oversaturated hashtags.

Use Instagram Stories

Actually show up on Instagram Stories, which is where a lot of users are now spending their time! Talk straight to your camera and connect with your audience. They want to hear from you!

Ask Your Audience To Engage

Like all social media, Instagram is about connection and building relationships. Ask your audience to answer a question when you post and actually respond to them if they do! Ask them to tag a friend and join a contest or giveaway. Make sure you’re prompting them to engage in the comments, more than just a double-tap!

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