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The filmmakers of PS DANCE!, a documentary film about dance in public school education in NYC, wanted to re-engage, activate and grow their community of artists, educators and supporters—especially because dance education has thrived in the virtual classroom during COVID-19 closures, but proposed budget cuts were looming for the NYC Department of Education. Arts programs are often the first to go when budgets are slashed. Our challenge was this: How do we bring people together to rally around dance education? How do we use the film as a resource to build awareness, visibility and activism in support of dance in the classroom? 



Email Strategy
Content Strategy
Social Media Strategy

Our Process

Step 1: Strategy/Content Planning

Our first step was to assess: how long had it been since we posted on PS DANCE! social media? Since we emailed supporters and fans of the film? What did we want to share? How could we recapture this group’s attention in a meaningful way, and reach beyond existing supporters to expand our circle of advocates for dance education? What was our hook?

We created a game plan for our virtual event: 

  • We would stream the documentary in full, to remind fans and introduce newcomers to the power of dance in the classroom
  • We would follow the film with a live talkback with filmmakers and educators (Nel Shelby Productions would produce and manage the livestream)
  • We would stream on Facebook, on DEL’s page, a partner organization where dance educators are more active
  • We would emphasize impending budget cuts and the need for vocal advocates as a way to frame the event — this isn’t “just another Watch Party”

Step 2: Schedule, Content & Copy

Our second step was to create a comprehensive marketing schedule for promoting the Watch Party to encourage dance educators and supporters to share the event and tune in live. Our package included:

  • Email marketing: Copy, imagery, video and objectives for every email announcement and reminder
  • Social media marketing: Copy, imagery, video, hashtags and calls to action for social posts throughout the promotion
  • Cross-posting swipe files: Easy, copy-and-paste copy and content for partner organizations, artist educators and dance field colleagues to share to their networks; PLUS, prompts to make posts more personal and meaningful if partners were up for it
  • Day-of show engagement ideas: Questions, conversation starters, live raffles and other ideas to keep our audience active in the chat throughout a 53-minute film and half hour talkback.
  • Livestream graphics: Calls to action to be placed on-screen throughout the live show to grow our email list for future advocacy

Step 3: Marketing Management

Now that we had a plan, our team helped to implement it. Posting and commenting on social media, creating and scheduling emails, designing graphics, project managing workflows for other members of the team and participating in the live chat during the Watch Party.

Step 4: Analysis

It’s important to make room to reflect on and learn from every project’s process, success and/or shortcomings. We took to Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp and Google Analytics to review the quantitative and qualitative data: what did we gain and learn from this event? 

New Email Subscribers

Peak Live Viewers During Watch Party


Increase in Website Users During Promotion


Increase in Pageviews Day-of Watch Party

New Social Followers

Reactions, Comments & Shares on Video


More people are engaging with PS DANCE! to support and rally for dance education in NYC schools and around the world. We shared petitions and action steps for advocacy, additional arguments in support of dance education and grew the #DanceForEveryChild movement through conversation and inspirational storytelling.

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