Branding & Web Design

Nel Shelby Productions


Nel Shelby is a well-known producer and filmmaker in the dance world. As video equipment and media training have become more ubiquitous in all fields of study, the competitive landscape for dance videography has grown increasingly more saturated. Our challenge was to better highlight what sets Nel Shelby Productions apart. How could we match her visual identity and website to her core values of excellence, kindness, passion, opportunity and collaboration.



Web Design

Our Process

Step 1: Discovery / Research

First, we asked Nel what she wanted most to communicate to her clients. Then we sent out a survey to a group of her existing clients asking what was important to them in a videographer and what they love most about working with Nel and her team.

Step 2: Design

Here’s where we started to play. We presented some new aesthetic choices for Nel’s website and online identity. Nel was already a fixture in the dance community. Her current logo needed refinement, but we didn’t want to change it altogether. We explored new configurations, adjustments, colors and font pairings to give Nel’s brand more movement and approachability.

Step 3: Refinement

We showed our designs to Nel and made small adjustments based on her feedback. (Ultimately, the final design is up to the client—it’s an ego-less process for us!)

Step 4: Website Redesign

We applied the design changes to Nel’s website and email communications, bringing her branding in closer alignment with her core values, and expressing what sets her apart in new copywriting and messaging overall.


Increase in Users


Increase in sessions


increase in page views


After the brand redesign, Nel’s website better reflected her values, as well as the qualities her clients love best about her. In just two months, the number of users is up 49% from the same time the year prior, sessions are up 34% and page views are up 30%. More importantly, there are more pageviews of important informational pages, including About Nel, About the Team and her list of Video Services.

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