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Liz Lerman


Liz Lerman and team had an email list of 506 subscribers they hadn’t communicated with in more than three years. They had many things to share, and wanted to start actively growing their base of fans, followers and supporters via email. Our challenge was this: How do we re-engage this group of people who had long ago expressed an interest in Liz and her work? And how do we plan for more consistent content going forward?



Email Strategy
Content Strategy

Our Process

Step 1: Strategy/Content Planning

Our first step in re-engaging Liz Lerman’s list was to assess who exactly was in it. How do we know them? What are they interested in? After sorting Liz’s subscribers, we grouped them into two main categories:


  • People interested in Liz’s choreography and dance theater work
  • People interested in Liz’s Critical Response Process (CRP), for which Liz was launching a certification program

Step 2: Content/Copy

Our second step was to ensure we could keep up with a content calendar for the next year. What communications did we want to send related to the work ahead? What stories and calls to action could we share? Could we target these emails to specific groups, so the messages in their inboxes were more relevant and personalized?

Step 3: Re-Engagement Campaign

Now that we knew we had more than enough content to share for months ahead, we created a plan for re-engaging the subscribers they’d ignored for years.

  • In our first re-engagement email to their existing subscribers, we acknowledged we’d been absent, set expectations that we were committed to showing up again and gave everyone the option to unsubscribe.
  • Then, we asked the remaining subscribers to select what they were most interested in hearing about and segmented subscribers based on subject matter.
  • Finally, we gave everyone on their email list a recap of everything they’d missed in the past few years—awards, premieres, news and an update on new work

Step 4: Design & Delivery

Since we knew what kind of content Team Liz wished to share throughout the year, we could create beautiful and flexible email templates for them to easily drop in compelling writing, photos and videos. We also set an automated welcome email to greet new subscribers.

“a detailed, executable plan”

“Amy helped us create a detailed, executable plan for a year of email marketing — and we actually stuck to it!

Amy made sure we had the tools to succeed from creating easily modifiable templates to writing our initial emails to our list and apologizing that we disappeared for years (yes, years).

She’s warm, smart, and full of energy. And so is the rest of her team. We loved working with Amy so much and we’ll ask her to consult with us every year we possibly can.”

— Erin Donohue, Project Manager, Liz Lerman

New Subscribers


Average Open Rate


Average Click Rate


Since re-engaging her email list, Team Liz Lerman lost 88 subscribers and gained almost 400 new ones. The open rate on their emails ranges from 33% to 66%, and click-through rates from 3% to 16%.

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