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Dorrance Dance


Dorrance Dance has enjoyed incredible artistic and critical success in the dance world in its first 8 years. With that comes: the marketing support of presenting organizations; government, corporate and foundation funding; and easily attainable press. This has allowed the company to thrive despite employing an inconsistent approach to its own marketing. That means the company was in a unique position to start prioritizing stronger messaging and best practices in online marketing, without panicking about revenue or ticket sales.

But with a small team and an internally-proclaimed aversion to the boastfulness of social media, there were some challenges to overcome. How could Dorrance Dance begin to market their artistic and educational work in alignment with their values? And how could the company make marketing a part of the daily system that is Dorrance?


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Our Process

Step 1: Discovery / Research

Our first step was to ask as many questions of as many people as possible We surveyed the company’s stakeholders and audience members. We discussed the creative work, the overall vision and the day-to-day with members of the team. Most of all, we collected a list of reasons people love the company.

Step 2: Goal Setting

Because Dorrance Dance hadn’t spent much concentrated energy or effort on their online marketing in past seasons, we set actionable and reasonable goals about what we wanted to communicate to fans, how often we wanted to show up for them, and what analytic benchmarks we wanted to hit while doing so.

Step 3: Calendar / Content Plan

We designed a content calendar for the company that not only aligned with specific upcoming events and targeted specific groups within their audience, but also explored deeper, bigger picture storytelling, connected to the company’s vision for tap dance.

Step 4: Website Redesign

Consistent with the content calendar and content plan we made for Dorrance Dance, we redesigned their website to tell the story of the company. We communicated the company’s mission and values, education initiatives, successes and artistry, and grounded all of it in a look and feel that communicated sophistication, modernity and gravitas.

Step 5: Monthly Consultation

To ensure the company keeps on track with their marketing plan, we set up three monthly follow-up calls to evaluate their success in implementation and work through challenges that inevitably arise in learning new habits and creating new content.


Now, Dorrance Dance has a brand new website and an actionable plan to communicate effectively and efficiently with their raving fans, and expand their reach to new enthusiastic audiences. Most importantly, Michelle Dorrance and her Board are genuinely excited about participating in the company’s marketing and making it a priority going forward.

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