Web Design

Curious Jane


Curious Jane had outgrown their original Squarespace website and needed a new customized site that could better reflect the fun, silliness and craftiness of their brand. For too long, the company had been promoting two separate entities—Curious Jane the magazine, and Curious Jane the camp. We wanted to weave these two entities together, and more than this, we wanted to create a larger, more inviting Curious Jane world where camp and magazine and so much more could live.



Web Design

Our Process

Step 1: Strategy/Content Planning

We always start big picture—what did Curious Jane want to accomplish with their new website? We also asked what values, energy and tone they wanted to exhibit in their marketing. Then, we surveyed existing magazine subscribers and camp families, asking them what they most enjoyed about working with Curious Jane. After all that research, we could map out a brand new site layout, based on these distinguishing factors and the company’s goals to increase sign-ups, sales and engagement.

Step 2: Content/Copy

Curious Jane already had a strong brand and incredible media. We collaborated with their team to incorporate the right illustrations and photos throughout the site, and we provided an outline of new content and copywriting needed for each page.

Step 3: Design/Development

This design process was a balancing act: Keeping clarity while embracing silliness; showcasing age-appropriate projects for kids within a frame that’s sophisticated enough for adult buyers; and making sure there were focused navigational pathways for camp and magazine veterans and opportunities for open-ended exploration for new users.

Our camp finder system is a great example of this — we built a multi-step system for parents to find the perfect camps for their children based on their location, the dates they were available, and the topics their girls were most interested in.

Step 4: Review

Websites are living, breathing things, and we design them as such. Curious Jane gave feedback during design and development, and we made changes in-the-moment to accommodate their objectives.

Step 5: Launch

With custom forms, a shopping feature, opt-ins and more, the final step is to test-test-test to ensure the switchover goes smoothly from one site to the next.

“Amy is hands-down one of my favorite people to work with.

She is incredibly skilled , and in addition to that — as far as a working style — she is thorough (to the right degree!), smart, efficient, highly organized and timely, offers a range of solutions, and provides essential summary information so that the client can manage processes easily post project-completion. She sets you up for success.”

— Samantha Razook, Founder & CEO, Curious Jane


Now, Curious Jane’s website introduces visitors to its many exciting offerings. Campgoers are no longer separated from magazine subscribers, and pathways to engage with the company are plentiful and clear. The new design is also fun and playful, which perfectly reflects Curious Jane’s values. Best yet, we set up Google Analytics to ensure they track their goals and can continue to make iterative improvements along the way.

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