Set yourself up for success in 2020:

Use our planning packet to reach your goals while remaining true to your values

My marketing business has grown year over year to make more money and serve more clients.

I always say I built my business by accident, but I’m growing my business with intention. This expansion isn’t some magic trick. We work hard & smart to make Amy Jacobus Marketing a successful venture.

Every year, my team and I hold a planning session to map out priorities and goals for 2020. I want you to benefit from planning, too.

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Curious how we do it?  

Let’s walk through a few steps before you jump into our planning extravaganza. 

Revisit your company values

No matter how great the idea or how big the goal, if it doesn’t satisfy your internal mission, it’s time to modify it—or reject it outright.

Ask yourself and your team: How do you want your customers, clients and audience to feel when they engage with you and your company? How do you and your team want to feel about doing the work?

Crunch some numbers

This part may not be as fun or inspiring, but it must be done in order to see a full picture and succeed!

Pull and review your financial reports from the full year (revenue & expenses).

Do as much detailed math as you can to see what you did or offered throughout the year that was most (and least) profitable.

Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm

What do you want to offer next year? This starts with your winner from last year, and any other profitable ideas from years past that you look forward to offering again. At this stage, no ideas are bad ideas, no ideas are too big or too small, and no ideas are ridiculous.

Narrow down your ideas

I’ll bet you came up with a million ideas. If we’re being honest with ourselves, there is NO WAY we can possibly fit all of them into one year of work. So now it’s time to whittle them down in order of priority and practicality.

Break down each idea into actionable steps

Spend time breaking each idea down, figuring out the kind of support you’ll need and how much work it will require. Think about pricing, how you’ll promote via social media, paid ads, email marketing and your website, what kind of personal connections will help you sell this idea to others, what kind of media you’ll need and anything else you can think of to plan ahead for success.

Schedule it all out

You have your ideas. You know what it takes to make them a reality. You know how they align with your values, and you know that they will make you and your ideal audience feel awesome.

But if the steps you have to take to make these ideas a reality are not in your calendar, they will not happen.

Putting everything into the calendar is a detailed but necessary next step. Map out your year in baby steps—soon you’ll be on a path towards implementing these ideas, doing good and making your money.

I strategize, consult and manage digital marketing and communications for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. I’m based in Brooklyn, because I have a thing for exposed brick, cozy, local coffee shops and the can’t stop, won’t stop energy of New York.

Because I work with small companies, I get the chance to really know my clients – what makes them tick and how and why they should stand out in a crowded marketplace. A lot of my clients have a smaller staff, a limited budget and are already stretched thin for time. This leads us to tailor marketing strategies and solutions to each company’s unique needs and actual capacity.

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