I’m an online marketing strategist who still sends handwritten thank yous.

Because I work with small, creative companies, I get the chance to really know my clients – how they roast their favorite kind of squash, why they chose that name for their dog, and how and why they’re the best at what they do.

A lot of my clients are solopreneurs or have a teeny-tiny staff—and whoa—are they stretched thin for time!

Because I flat-out refuse to make a plan that collects dust on a shelf, I map out marketing strategies and solutions that feel as organized and doable as they are effective. Meaning that even if you’re going it alone and have a brand-new puppy at home, you can make these plans work.

I’m also good at friendly pestering. So if you’re the type of person who needs outside accountability, we can totally arrange some paid-for bossiness to peer pressure you into putting that plan into action.

people often ask me how I started my business, and the honest answer is: by accident.

Before I started consulting on marketing, I pitched dance stories to The New York Times as a PR professional. I survived tight grant proposal deadlines and wrote copy for performance programs with a ballet company. I met my partner Ben working coat check at a museum downtown. I choreographed and produced my own dance performances.

All of these experiences shaped how I balance big picture with expertly planned, incremental progress. And stay organized doing it.

When I walked out on a full-time PR job with no idea what was next, I started freelancing with people I knew in New York. After five years of making more money on my own than in a 9-to-5, I finally decided I was talented enough to build my business with intention.

Why should you care?

Chances are, you’re reading this because you feel utterly lost when it comes to organizing your approach to online marketing. You need some kind of girl scout map to your big, fancy goals. Something easy to follow that still impresses your friends, because who knows which way’s North anymore? (Answer: New Yorkers. Only New Yorkers.)

My team and I break everything down so it feels easy to implement. Not only that, but we approach marketing with heart. Which, yes, sounds corny as hell—but doesn’t it also sound wonderful? 

Our marketing advice comes in two forms: Classes & Consulting.

Not sure what’s right for you? Sign up for a 20-minute call with me and I’ll tell you.

And if you’re really starting at zero, start by exploring our free resources. 

Want to know even more about me?

This is where I tell potentially embarrassing stories from my childhood, and you think, “Omg, me too! I also pretended to be Whitney Houston!”


Let’s start with Whitney, shall we? My go-to party trick as a 6-year-old was to belt out “I Will Always Love You” and absolutely nail the high note. You know the one I’m talking about. I was a little singing monster who idolized Whitney and Mariah and cajoled every gathering into an audience. I sang through high school but stopped practicing, and now I’m just your over-enthusiastic karaoke friend. I still love an audience.


My two greatest passions as a child were writing stories and dancing. I have a purple folder filled with the first stories I wrote as a kid. “A Day at Grandma & Grandpa’s House” was typed on my grandfather’s typewriter, bound with staples and hand-illustrated in crayon. Writing is still my most natural form of communication. Journaling makes things make sense.


Dance taught me how to be a good person. It made me disciplined, organized, empathetic, creative, collaborative… My dedication to dance started with daily classes in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and hip-hop in Plainfield, Illinois. Regional competitions with gems in my hair and the kind of red lipstick that lasts all day. I stayed the course longer than most, majoring in dance and journalism at the University of Iowa.


I’m a recovering workaholic / high-achiever. Meaning: I no longer work on weeknights and Sundays, and I don’t check email on vacation. Working hard is in my blood (thanks, Mom & Dad!) and I started assistant teaching dance in 8th grade for extra pocket money. My least favorite job was “working the stone” at Coldstone Creamery, and my favorite job is being a dog mom to Edison. (That’s not a job, you say? Fine, teaching marketing is a close second.)


I’m gonna make you talk about your superpowers. I love a good personality quiz. My Top 5 in the Strengths Finder test are: Strategic, Learner, Achiever, Competition and Activator. I’m an ENFJ. My primary communication style is something called Warrior (ask me about this one—I’m obsessed). I will listen to all your answers to these tests, too, but I will also make you ask clients you love and respect to name your best traits, because that’s how you start to see where you stand out as a service provider. (Most of mine say they appreciate my thoughtful, honest advice.)

I have always walked too fast, which is one of the reasons I moved from the Midwest to NYC. I love dogs more than I love people. I watch scary movies when I’m home alone. Louis Armstrong trumpet solos make me swoon. I ride my Peloton bike at least 4x a week. If you’re looking for a gift idea, your best bet is to send me some Counter Culture coffee beans. 

My hope is that now that you know way too many things about me, you feel a little more comfortable seeking my advice.

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Amy Jacobus is obsessed with helping service providers, entrepreneurs and mission-based business owners increase their impact with smart, human marketing online. Amy teaches workshops and leads programs full of simple, apply-it-now strategies for your website, email and social media, including her signature program, Confident + Consistent Marketing. She has designed courses, facilitated workshops and participated in panel discussions for University of Denver, LEAP at St. Mary’s College, Barnard College, New York Foundation for the Arts, Gibney Dance, The Artist Co-op and Pentacle, among others. Learn more about Amy and her work at amyjacobus.marketing and follow her at @amyjacobus on Instagram.

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