Marketing in uncertain times,  part ii

values-based communications as the world responds to coronavirus  

A lot is changing right now in response to growing concern about COVID-19, or Coronavirus. 

Go back and read Part I of this series about your communications during this crisis.

Checking in on you again, friends. How are you feeling? Hanging in there? 

My loved ones and I are still healthy and safe.

But it’s not a fun time to be an anxious person. Last night, I was up from 1:16am to 3:54am, pacing and laying around and worrying. 

I’ve been checking in on my friends and family via phone and text. And the resounding response right now is that everyone I know is both fine and not fine. 

I keep telling people I’m balancing extreme anxiety with extreme productivity.

It’s a maddening pendulum existence.

But so far, the pattern is: I feel better when I find ways to be of service.

Over the weekend, I wrote to you about ways you can communicate with integrity in an uncertain time like this. 

Several of you responded with kind words and gratitude, and it made me feel hope and joy to be useful right now, to share my expertise for good.

Thank you for replying, by the way — I suffer from imposter syndrome and get nervous about hitting send on certain emails just as we all do.

This week, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with my marketing clients that center on the question: “What can I do right now?”

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I think the best thing we can do is continue to operate from a values-based perspective:


Invest time in private, one-on-one communications with clients and partners and colleagues you care for, to check in and see how you can support them.

Here’s what we’re doing with clients: 

  • Posting less on their Instagram grids; spending more time sending DMs to clients to say we’re there for them
  • Sending personal, direct emails to collaborators to offer new ideas for new challenges
  • Sending segmented emails to only those populations impacted by the virus on our email lists with resources to help
  • Hosting Zoom calls for group brainstorms…

It’s easy to replace some of your planned social posts with this one-on-one communication.


I always encourage my clients to keep a list of big, dreamy ideas that come to them, because even if they can’t get to it now, they might want to get to them later. Now is the time to take out that list of big ideas, and start doing them!!

Here’s what we’re talking about with clients:

  • Starting a video interview series and batch-creating episodes with guests via Zoom
  • Making a set of video tutorials to teach clients how to do something at-home
  • Kicking off brand strategy projects
  • Making a new website for a virtual learning program

Also remember that you are not required to be creative or productive right now. Do what feels possible and good. Rest your mind and body as you need. You are allowed to slow down. (Please remind me of this, too!!)


Take a tour of your existing archive of resources and opt-ins and offers and content and copy. What would help people right now? Make it available to them. Make it easy to find and use those resources.

I encourage you to access and spend time with my free and existing workbooks, workshops and resources as needed: 


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Remember, you can lead from a place of care and empathy right now. 

Continue to care for your people, offer genuine support when you’re able, be of service where you can, speak from the heart, and make and share things that help.


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    I strategize, consult and manage digital marketing and communications for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. I’m based in Brooklyn, because I have a thing for exposed brick, cozy, local coffee shops and the can’t stop, won’t stop energy of New York.

    Because I work with small companies, I get the chance to really know my clients – what makes them tick and how and why they should stand out in a crowded marketplace. A lot of my clients have a smaller staff, a limited budget and are already stretched thin for time. This leads us to tailor marketing strategies and solutions to each company’s unique needs and actual capacity.

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