Our team has provided marketing consulting and strategy to small business owners and creative entrepreneurs for over half a decade. By guiding goal setting and aiding in the creation of marketing and automation systems, we set our clients up for success and more ease in their approach.

We know our clients have fewer resources than big companies with huge ad spends, so we focus all our strategy on prioritizing and planning ahead. By batching content, sticking to a calendar and only putting your money where your fans are, we can maximize impact and minimize the time, energy & money you spend on your communications.


and more like I am consistently preparing for the future definitely makes marketing less stressful!”

– Cameron McKinney, kizuna Dance

Comprehensive Marketing ASSESSMENT

If you’ve committed to be a smarter marketer but you don’t even know where to start, we can help get you set up for success.

Let our team review what you have in place to sell your services, fundraise or increase your reach. Or what you’re missing!

We’ll provide a comprehensive written report detailing how you can improve your website, email marketing and social media marketing. Our reports include best practices for each platform and tailored-for-you suggestions on what and how to improve.

Each report process starts with a phone consultation about your goals and ends with a final meeting to answer any questions about our findings.

Social Media That Matters

Sit down with Amy for a 1.5 hour social media jam session to make sure the energy you expend on social actually makes a difference for your company.

Before you meet, Amy will review all of your main social channels, coming ready with ideas about everything from quick fixes to energize your bio, to how to use paid ads to boost your visibility, to grand ideas for more comprehensive and interactive campaigns.

Leave your session refreshed and ready to rock Instagram, Facebook and more.

Amy will check in two weeks later by email to see if there’s anything you’re stuck on or struggling to implement.

Depending on what you need – this session can include a tutorial on how to create successful paid ads. Available in person or online.

Quarterly Marketing Consultations

These deep-dive strategic sessions are for clients who have their own teams to manage their marketing but may not have the knowledge base or experience to know what to prioritize, institute in their plans, how to set up their software, best practices for online marketing and more.

Amy and her team will lead a 1-hour meeting and follow up with a web, email and social media plan for the next 3 months, based on company goals, upcoming events and offers, needs of your community and new and blossoming partnerships.

We’ll check in with you by email on a monthly basis to help with accountability and review any writing or work for the above plans. Plus, we’ll offer ideas based on real hard data of how things are going. We’ll need access to your social media insights, Google Analytics, Mailchimp stats, etc.

Web Copywriting

How do you excel at copywriting online? By writing clear and compelling copy that drives users to action.

I’m experienced in ripping up jargon, slashing run-on sentences and instructing your web visitors to buy tickets, donate or inquire.

SEO-friendly, journalism trained and content-creative, my writing can give your [anything] a boost.

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