How to Tell if it’s Time to Rebrand:

when and why you should consider rebranding your company

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Your brand is much more than your logo.

It’s more than your colors and typefaces and tagline. It’s the accumulation of all these things (and more). And that becomes an overall feeling people have about your company, products and services.

Your brand is how people perceive your work.

So how do you go about building it?

Well, a brand should stem from your overall mission and guiding values as a business owner. Everything you do should radiate with that energy.

Start by asking yourself why you’re in business in the first place, and how you serve who you serve. Then, determine if the look and feel and tone of what you put out to the world matches those guiding principles.

This month, I’m going to write a bit about when and why you should consider rebranding your company, and then, for those of you who raise your hands and say, “yep, I need this,” I’m coming back with some tips on how to successfully navigate the process.

Because believe me, it’s a process.

For now, let’s consider the reasons a company should rebrand.

It’s time for a brand overhaul if:

Your company’s way of working or overall mission has shifted in some major way.

Maybe you have a new creative partner or leader. Maybe you’re sensing a big opportunity and want to seize it now or in the near future. Or maybe you’re simply sick of the services you used to offer and are drastically reducing or reframing what you do.

In this case, your current look and tone of voice – and probably copywriting and content in general – likely no longer resonate with how you function.

It’s time for a change.

You’ve launched a new product or service.

Maybe you’ve added to your company’s offerings and that addition takes your business to the next level. Perhaps your new offer is so important and unique that it requires its own branding or way of standing out from your current work or competing options. Maybe it just means an overall upgrade to your business, and that means your current brand feels less than.

You’re targeting a whole new audience.

As our companies grow and services shift, we may also find that we’re selling to a completely new set of people. Sometimes this is subtle – a move from selling to moms to selling to moms of 4-6 year olds only. Sometimes it’s bigger and more dramatic.

If it’s the former, you can probably get away with shifting some of your content. If it’s the latter, you may find your current brand doesn’t resonate as well with your new dream clients and customers.

You find it’s difficult to stand out in a sea of new competitors.

Maybe you were the pioneer of your industry, and now there are new companies popping up all over the place, offering what you offer, but cheaper! This means reevaluating how you stand apart.

It’s no longer sufficient to focus on what you offer. Now it’s about the way you offer it.

Your amateur artist friend created your logo 15 years ago.

No offense to your friend, but this scenario represents three potential problems.

  1. Your look and feel is severely outdated.
  2. It doesn’t represent where you are now and no longer matches your copy and content that has evolved.
  3. It just looks unprofessional and lacks the polish that smart consumers expect.

If the only reason you haven’t rebranded is that you haven’t had the heart to move on, it’s probably time.


Sell more & drive more engagement

In all of these scenarios, rebranding your company can help you steer more attention to what you have to offer.

It can better align your mission and values with your intended audience. It can help you clarify how you represent yourself in everything from marketing and communications to customer service.

If you do not fall into any of the categories above, but you’re exploring a brand redo anyway, do me a favor and hit pause.

Ask yourself why.

Are you avoiding other big steps for your company? Are you procrasti-branding?

(I don’t know who coined this term, but I heard it for the first time a few months back, and omg, I think it’s so brilliant. I have seen friends, colleagues and would-be clients do this time and time again.)

The thing is, brand work is FUN work. It’s high-level and illuminating. It’s something you can engage the whole team in. It’s important and feels like it.

But it also takes time and money and energy. And it shouldn’t be something you pursue unless you actually need it.

Let me know in the comments!

Is it time for a brand redesign? Why or why not? And tell me, have you ever procrasti-branded before?

I’ve been through 3 brand designs since launching my business, and I’m proud to say all 3 were necessary. 😂First, because my mission was changing, and second, because I had outgrown some of my services and was redesigning what I offered!

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