Don’t Forget about the Welcome Email!

A STEP SKIPPED All-Too-Often in Wooing Your Subscribers

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How are you making your email subscribers feel when they sign up for your list?


Warm? Cared for? Giggly? Or ignored???

Sending something to welcome new subscribers when they first join your list can make a powerfully positive impact on how they feel about the decision to give you access to their inboxes.

In this post, I describe some winning characteristics of welcome emails and why you should set up your welcome email yesterday.

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Almost everyone I work with doesn’t want to send emails to their subscribers, because they don’t want them to unsubscribe.

Um… do you know how ridiculous that sounds? Why do you have people on your email list at all if you’re too scared to send something their way?

I want you to go with me for a second here. Think about the people on your email list as friends who invited you over for dinner. They have given you – yes, you! – express permission to show up in their home. They aren’t about cooking a meal for 25 on a Thursday night, so they’ve chosen you – yes, you! – over countless other friends and family members they could have invited. They are actually looking forward to seeing you, hearing what you have to say and responding to your stories.

Point being – people who have signed up to hear from you actually want to hear from you!* They invited you into their inboxes!

*Maybe not every day. They didn’t also invite you back for breakfast the next morning, ok?

I think our fear to send email stems from a missed opportunity to set up expectations at the beginning of our email relationship. We’re skipping out on making sure our subscribers really want what we have to share.

I know you have all received confirmation emails that prove you signed up for a new list. Sometimes these are automated, ugly things from Mailchimp stating your name, email and other details – lifeless stamps of proof that you provided some information to some company at 7:46 PM on 1/4/2018.

And sometimes they take the form of a coupon code for you to use immediately at the retailer that emails it to you.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll get some other kind of welcome email entirely. Something warm, personable and relevant. Something that expresses gratitude for joining and sets up clear expectations of what you’ll receive from that company from now on. Something that makes you laugh or inspires you to act!

If you’re lucky, you’ll get some other kind of welcome entirely. Something warm, personable and relevant.

How can you make sure your welcome email is winning? It should include some or all of these characteristics:

Express gratitude.

Back to the dinner party scenario. A real, human person has invited you into their inbox. They probably hate sorting their emails every day! Aren’t you thankful they find you important enough to let you interrupt their busy life every once in a while? Let them know it.

Give generously.

Choose this to be the moment that you offer something valuable. It can be advice. It can be a discount. They gave you their email address. Now give something to them in return.

Make them smile. Or better yet, laugh.

Include a cute photo of a puppy. Crack a dad joke. Get punny. Find a way to incorporate a gif of Elaine Benes dancing… Inspire joy and you’ll really make them feel welcome.

Set up expectations.

Tell your new subscriber how often you plan to email them. Are you writing with business tips once a week? Are you sending inspirational mood boards once a month? What will you be sharing and how often can they expect to receive it from you? Most customer/client relationship issues start from a place of unmet expectations. Make sure your new subscriber knows what they signed up for – and give them the option to opt-out now if they don’t think that’s what they wanted!!

Make it relevant to them.

If someone signed up for your list because they wanted a free download or a coupon code, make sure you give them that free download or coupon code first. Then explain how you plan to engage with them later. Maybe ask them to share with you how they use the download. Or what they buy with their coupon. Spark a personal conversation with the new person you’re hanging out. It is indeed a person on the other end of that email!

I know email is still a scary business for many of you. When you’re a one woman show, it can send you on an emotional roller coaster ride to see those unsubscribes or not-opened rates. Every. Thing. Feels. Personal.

But that’s why starting off on the right foot and treating your new subscriber like they’re a person, too, is so significant!

Once you’ve welcomed them into your tribe and made them feel special and at home, now you can work on making sure the rest of your emails retain relevance through strategic segmentation and thoughtful tracking of behaviors! More on that later!! 😉

Know you should write a welcome email, but can’t find the time?

Pop in your email and I’ll send you my foolproof welcome email template to use as your guide. It’ll speed up the process and ensure you won’t forget a single thing.

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