If you’re looking for easy-to-implement, undeniably actionable marketing techniques, you’re in the right place! These three master classes are really step-by-step projects you can tackle in one afternoon. And each project makes a bigger impact on who you reach and how they engage with your company.

Think: better messaging, easier workload, and many more sales.

Join me at just $47/per master class or $120 for all three workshops.


our Easy-Breezy, Super Tactical classes include:

Refresh your website in 3 easy steps

When’s the last time you really looked at your website?

Walk through easy web fixes that ensure your audience is finding the right (and most compelling!!) information on your site.


Includes 1-hr video workshop & custom workbook

Encourage Loyalty with 3 New Email Automations This Fall

When you send emails, do you just hear crickets in response?

Learn ways to fully automate personalized content for your email subscribers to strengthen relationships & grow sales.


Includes 1-hr video workshop & custom workbook

30 Days of Content Marketing in 5 Hours or Less


Who has the energy to create new content every day for social media? Yeah, me neither.

Borrow my tried and true process to create a whole month’s worth of social media posts in half a day.


Includes 1-hr video workshop & custom workbook

“Helped me see marketing as something that is natural, easy, and necessary.

I took all three of Amy’s summer marketing courses last year, and I can not begin to say how much this information has helped me see marketing as something that is natural, easy, and necessary. Any overwhelm that I felt about creating content to market myself including blog writing, sending out weekly newsletters, and posting on social media was erased with simple, digestible, and actionable strategy to get things done.”

— Terriell Samuels, The Pilates Happy Hour


1-hour Master Class:

  • We’ll talk big picture. Why should you prioritize this marketing work to begin with?
  • You’ll get step-by-step instructions. I’m a master in breaking down how you can refresh your site, set up email automations or plan your social content.
  • We’ll eliminate sticking points. You’ll leave class with a worksheet to guide your work, and we’ll talk about how to avoid challenges that threaten to halt your progress.

Invest only 2-3 hours of your time and focus this month,
and you’ll have systems working for you all year!

GET your hands on all of this material!

$47/each or $120 for all 3

These classes were originally taught live in June, July and August 2018 but are now available as instant replays that you can watch Netflix-style, whenever you wish!

I get fired up thinking about how small businesses and entrepreneurship can give freedom to anyone, making room for more people to be more human – focusing their energy and time on family, friends and doing good. I’m upset about all the time we aren’t making a difference just because we aren’t meeting deadlines or writing copy that strikes the right chord or showing up in a genuine and caring way on social… I worry about missed opportunities just because deciding to do something takes too long. I envision a world with your greater impact because creative people and nonprofits may be low on resources, but they’re flush with passion, and they bring energy, beauty, kindness and service to their audiences. You can learn more about me & my marketing experience here. 🙂