A lot of my clients choose a DIY approach to their marketing – which is awesome and rewarding. But many of them feel totally disorganized and confused about where to start.

You may not be sure what to post (or when). You might want to share your work with more followers, but you aren’t sure how to attract them to your email list. Or you might have a so-so website that doesn’t really show you off the way it could.

We can help. 

When we create a digital marketing assessment for a client, we take an in-depth look at ​your website, ​social ​media ​channels ​and ​email marketing. We’ll tell you how to ​update ​them ​to ​contemporary ​standards ​and ​how to employ best ​practices on each channel. We’ll also tell you if you’re missing a key ingredient we think would help you reach your ideal fans.

Best practices aside, our marketing assessments offer personalized and creative ideas ​for how to use your online channels to move your work to the next level.

Practical tools & creative advice.

Chances are, you’re already sitting on a wealth of stellar content and you’re powered by inspiring, purposeful ideas. A few upgrades in design and strategy will pull your audience in.

Our assessments are hearty. Approximately 15 pages long, they include recommendations and reflections on:

  • Your Goals and Objectives
  • A First-Glance Report Card on Where You Need The Most & Least Improvement
  • A Summary of What You Already Excel At & Key Areas to Focus on First
  • Website Best Practices
  • Takeaways from your own Web Analytics
  • Email Marketing Best Practices
  • Takeaways from Reviewing your Email List & Analytics
  • Social Media Best Practices
  • Thoughts on your Current Social Media Marketing – Where to Focus your Efforts & How to Improve Reach

Sign up for a marketing assessment, and in less than a month, you’ll have a personalized, ultra-savvy guide for moving forward with impact and intention.

“I like the way you approach your work

and clients openly, honestly, and genuinely. It’s nice to approach marketing from that place. And your ideas and clarity are awesome. Thank you!”

– Emily schoen, Schoen Movement Company

Ready to go for it?

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Please note: If you do not submit payment within 48 hours of securing time on my calendar, you will forfeit your scheduled slot and we will not complete the assessment.

First time here? I strategize, consult and manage digital marketing and communications for small businesses, creatives, artists and nonprofit organizations. I’m based in Brooklyn, because I have a thing for exposed brick, cozy, local coffee shops and the can’t stop, won’t stop energy of New York.

Because I work with small companies, I get the chance to really know my clients – what makes them tick and how and why they should stand out in a crowded marketplace. A lot of my clients have a smaller staff, a limited budget and are already stretched thin for time. This leads us to tailor marketing strategies and solutions to each company’s unique needs and actual capacity.

You can learn more about me, and Amy Jacobus Marketing here.

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