Your Ultimate Framework for Smart, Simple and Systematized Online Marketing that Takes your Services from Relatively Unknown to Positively Sought-After

Confident + Consistent Marketing

I’ve developed a simple and strategic framework for all my one-on-one marketing clients to encourage deeper understanding of the basic principles of marketing, and create easy-to-follow project plans that drive business and dollar results.
Repeating this training over and over, and seeing business owners blossom into strong, effective and less-stressed marketers, inspired me to make this framework available to more entrepreneurs.

I wanted to teach the high-level “why” behind every component of your marketing, while also giving you the guidance to execute actual improvements to every little channel you use.

Confident + Consistent Marketing isn’t only a conceptual master course in contemporary marketing.

It packs as much action as possible into the program to ensure you can apply what you learn in real and tangible ways.

Yes, you’ll learn the basics of online marketing – how to define your audience, build a website that converts, create compelling copy and content, make engaging email campaigns and stop posting to crickets on social media. You’ll also walk away with a complete marketing master plan that you are confident you can keep up with consistently to build your business and save you time in the process.

By combining quick action steps you can take in the moment with longer term planning that will set you up for future success, you’ll notice progress immediately in your marketing as weeks go by in this course, and lessons will also build to create a consistent system of communications for your business in years to come.

Confident + Consistent Marketing will:

Give you the expertise required to expertly delegate the tasks you don’t want on your plate.

Help you attract perfect-fit projects with greater ease.

Eliminate meaningless marketing tasks from your to-do list.

Set you up for long-term interest and a consistent stream of new business.

Provide methods to approach marketing with limited resources.

“Amy is awesome.

I am already creatively coming up with a strategy to overcome my interaction-phobia with media. Thanks for getting me on the right track!”

– whitney browne, whitney browne photography


Each week, you’ll get access to a new set of video lessons, providing answers as to why you should update and improve your marketing tactics, best practices for that week’s topic, and a homework assignment that gets you one step closer to your ultimate marketing master plan. These assignments will immediately jumpstart your marketing efforts by applying the core teaching of the week directly to your unique work.

Attract and Retain Your Best-Fit Clients

Pinpoint, understand and locate your ideal clients and customers.

Make a User-Focused, Money-Making Website

Create or modify your website with that ideal user in mind so you can increase traffic and engagement.


Create Copy & Content that Inspires and Sells

Write with ease, with joy and with purpose, actually persuading your ideal audience to take action.

Construct a Compelling Email Strategy

Make emails a more seamless & fun part of your marketing strategy so you can grow a loyal audience that can’t wait to buy from you.

Build Relationships and Sales on Social Media

Make true connections and drive sales on social media without spending hours online each day.

Make Your Master Marketing Plan

Create a marketing calendar that easily fits into your busy schedule and keeps you connected with your audience.


we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Confident + Consistent Marketing is a complete framework for online marketing that you will be able to reference and put into action in your business for years to come.

I want everyone who joins this program to learn and to THRIVE. That’s why I’m offering a full refund – 100% of your money back – if you don’t feel satisfied with your purchase after 30 days.

If you participate in the first 3 weeks of lessons in the first 30 days, and you are not satisfied with the program, we will offer a full-fee refund.

You must complete the first 3 weeks of lessons and assignments – we put a lot of work into planning and teaching, and we want to see that you’re putting the work in, too.

Please note: we cannot offer refunds after the first 30 days.

Dig Deeper Into Each Week’s Training

Week 1: Attract and Retain your Best-Fit Clients

During Week 1 we’re going to do a deep dive into who your ideal audience is, what they want and where to find them. This is often the most uncomfortable exercise for my marketing clients, and it’s also the most important! Without this understanding, your marketing plan just won’t work.

By the end of Week 1, you will know:

  • why you need to define your audience in the first place
  • an interview technique that teaches you to use information from your favorite current clients to find and attract your favorite new clients
  • how to create a brand compass to ensure you stay on course with your communications in future modules
  • the competitive landscape and possible objectives people might have to working with you
  • how to build a customer appreciation system in your business that encourages loyalty and word of mouth referrals

And you will have completed:

  • the target market and competitive landscape sections of your master marketing plan
  • a round of interviews with your current best-fit clients
Week 2: Make a User-Focused, Money-Making Website

In Week 2, we’re going to talk websites. Really talk about how yours should look, function and feel. When we’re done, you’ll be ready to build a site or revise your existing one to ensure your ideal audience actually wants to visit and take action.

By the end of Week 2, you will know:

  • the key principles in building a user-focused website
  • the essential information and pages every site must have, regardless of your type of business
  • how to track and evaluate critical pieces of your website’s performance
  • what to include on your web maintenance checklist

And you will have completed:

  • the website section of your master marketing plan
  • essential updates on your existing site, or started your project plan for a new site
Week 3: Create Copy & Content that Inspires and Sells

Week 3 is for writing & making stuff!! Oh man am I excited for this one! You’ll learn to write with ease, with joy and with purpose. Make better ads, improve your website copy, increase click-through rates on your emails, nail your elevator pitch… The focus this week is how to persuade and inspire through clear and compelling copy.

By the end of Week 3, you will know:

  • the broad fundamentals of excellent copywriting
  • how copywriting for the web differs from writing anywhere else
  • when to ditch copy completely and use other storytelling techniques instead

And you will have completed:

  • the content and storytelling segment of your master marketing plan
  • important revisions of some of your most important copy already in use in your business
Week 4: Implementation & Live Review

Week 4 is for putting your newfound knowledge into action. Yes, this transformative work is going to take some time and commitment to put into place. I want you to have a free week to continue client interviews, revise the structure of your website or the copy on your about page…

Anything you’re working on from the lessons in Weeks 1-3, now’s the time to keep it going.

BONUS: We will open up our weekly live q&a to include a candid review of your work so far, as long as you can submit some work to us in advance!

Week 5: Construct a Compelling Email Strategy

In Week 5 we’ll go over email marketing essentials like how to automate some of your most important messages, the must-have ingredients of a successful email campaign, and why and how you should focus on growing your list. You’ll make an offer new subscribers can’t refuse, and immediately launch into growing your email list.

By the end of Week 5, you will understand:

  • why email is still the best way to keep in touch with your best-fit audience
  • how to personalize your email marketing so it is relevant to your subscribers (without individualizing email so much that it takes over your life)
  • when and how often you should send emails
  • the must-have elements of a successful email strategy

And you will have completed:

  • the email marketing section of your master marketing plan
  • your all-important welcome and nurture series for new subscribers
Week 6: Build Relationships and Sales on Social Media

Lots to cover in Week 6! I find this is the most anticipated topic for all my marketing students and for good reason. Social media is an essential part of taking your company to the next level, and there are about a billion ways to engage. Learn how to prioritize your time in the black hole that is social media and the keys to making real connections (translation: real sales & clients) while there! Craft an easy-to-execute social strategy and start seeing higher traffic and real dollar signs right away.

By the end of Week 6, you will understand:

  • why social media should be social, and not just shouting into the void
  • which platforms you should prioritize for your unique business – and why!
  • best practices for the top platforms out there, so once you choose where to spend your time, you’ll make the most of it

And you will have completed:

  • the social media marketing section of your master marketing plan
  • PLUS, you will choose which platforms you’ll prioritize in your marketing and how you’ll engage there
Week 7: Make Your Marketing Master Plan

In our final module together, we’re breaking out my all-time favorite marketing tool: the calendar! Time to take all you’ve learned and create an action plan that holds you accountable to your newfound motivation and knowledge. And doesn’t completely take over your life. You will leave this program with a marketing plan to put into action RIGHT AWAY and continuously shape and add to for years to come.

In Week 7, you will learn my “5-Step Future-Forward Formula” to create an actionable marketing plan you can actually commit to.

This is my Project Management experience coming out in full force. A method of organizing tasks and anticipating challenges that sets you up for that consistency we’ve been talking about this whole journey.

It’s my superpower, and I’m teaching it to you in five steps.

Week 8: Implementation & Live Review

Week 8 is another free week for you to implement new strategies and put the finishing touches on your marketing plan. I don’t want to send you into the wild without one final week of focused community support and live Q&A insights!

SUPER BONUS: Students will be allowed to submit all or part of their marketing plans to us for review, and we will provide live edits on our weekly Q&A to 1-3 lucky participants!

Confident + Consistent Marketing is Right for you If:

You really believe in what you have to offer, but you cringe when you have to promote it. You need a major mindset shift when it comes to marketing. 

You know some basics about how to use email and social media and your website, but your list and Instagram following are stuck in place (or even dwindling!) whenever you post. You can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong!

You want to build a steady stream of best-fit clients, and then spend most of your time serving them, not selling your services. 

You feel like every marketing task is a chore that takes forever, or every thing you do to promote your business is minimally helpful at best, meaningless at worst.

You are constantly rushing at the last minute to announce and draw attention to your next big thing – and omg it’s stressful – but can’t seem to plan ahead to avoid this fate.

When it’s time to sell, you start sounding like a used car salesman on repeat. All genuine, human connection goes out the window and you’re paralyzed with insecurity.

You’re dedicated to putting in the work to really understand and systematize your marketing, once and for all, because you know committing time now will save you tons of time and energy in the future.

You feel safe enrolling in Confident + Consistent Marketing, knowing you have 3 weeks to test it out and get your money back if you put in the work and it’s still not right for you.

Did you catch yourself raising your hand?

Stop sabotaging your growth and success by emailing infrequently and half-assing everything on social media.

Stop treating marketing like it’s a series of small fires to extinguish.

Stop wasting time, posting without a strategy and jumping from tactic to tactic, desperate for results.

Start working from a big-picture strategy that’s easier to sustain and scale.

I can’t wait to see you in Confident & Consistent Marketing!

Still Questioning if this is a right fit for you?

It’s very possible you have some concerns running through your head right now. Past students have asked excellent questions and voiced all-too-real objections before deciding whether or not this course was right for them. Let’s walk through the most common concerns.


Oh man, I get it. I do. That is exactly why we’re teaching you the power of prioritizing and planning. Our entire final module, Make Your Marketing Master Plan, centers around finding the time and breath to actually put all your hard work and new knowledge into action. No matter how busy the season.


Really, this concern is better answered with a question: What is it worth to you to save time and systematize your marketing? What is it worth to you to reach more people, sell more, grow longer-lasting relationships, perfect your pitch? Is that worth $997? I think so, do you?

I consider this program to be a one-time investment in your company’s marketing future for years to come. Learning these concepts will make you more effective and efficient, and able to stand on your own two feet in promoting your work.

That said, marketing your business involves ongoing investment – in advertising, in technology, in assistance… This will not be the only money you ever spend on your marketing.

But it can help you spend future money more wisely. Why? Because you’ll understand more deeply how every aspect of your marketing works, and your marketing plan can help you budget.

After all that, if you still have no interest in investing in this program, it’s probably not for you!

And please—this is important—if investing in this course places you in any financial risk for affording groceries, your rent, your electric bill, do not make this purchase! Immediate needs like shelter and food are more important than your marketing. 


Won't I have to learn a whole new set of tricks as technology changes?

Yes and no.

Marketing platforms come and go, and you’ll likely need to learn to adopt new strategies or technologies in the coming years. Just think of what websites were like 5 or 10 years ago!

Still, the main point of Confident + Consistent Marketing is to teach you timeless marketing and project management strategies that will ensure whatever new technology you adopt, you’ll have a reason why you’re there, and a strong foundation of communication skills to use there. You’ll be able to fit your new marketing tactic into a comprehensive plan, instead of dabbling with no consistency whatsoever.


Confident + Consistent Marketing runs Oct 14 – Dec 6, 2019.

This program only requires 5-10 hours of your time each week. Work can be done on the weekend or during early, quiet mornings over coffee. And it’ll be fun!

But if you’re really feeling stretched thin right now and can’t imagine fitting in ANY hours of extra work, you have access to the video and audio lessons for as long as this program exists – and we don’t have any plans of taking it down anytime, ever. You may not get to participate with the live group on Facebook, but that’s ok!

You will always get an invitation to jump into action with the group live when we launch the next time. And the next time after that. And the next time after that!


Yes! I love your confidence. We would be thrilled to have you with us. ? The nature of this program is that it is an accumulation of all the fundamentals to make a comprehensive marketing plan.

Every lesson is important and builds on the last, and since I LOVE a good Q&A sesh, I will always take questions that help you relate principles in the lessons to your own unique work. Our Facebook group will also be there for you to ask further questions of me, my team and your peers.

I hope that everyone coming in will have some foundational knowledge about marketing, and their own marketing success stories (or failures) to share.

We’d love for you to share your own expert advice with our group during the weeks where you feel super knowledgeable and on point. And we know you can learn from the rest of us during other weeks when you aren’t as comfortable with the material.

If you’re still worried this is too basic for you, email me to ask more


Oof. This is unfortunately a super real issue. I think you should still say yes to the program.

If you run into obstacles implementing the work, we will help you find hard data and extra-compelling arguments and expert outside opinions to help you persuade a nervous superior. I’m on your side. It’s too important not to put this work into motion!

Sidenote: if your boss is that rigid, this course can help propel you into a new marketing stratosphere – giving you more knowledge that rolls off the tongue in interviews for your next job. Get outta there!


No worries! There will be replays for each one, I will be in your inbox guiding you through it all, and you can still get feedback on assignments in the Facebook group on your own time.


Good question! I have been leading marketing efforts, project managing web designs and strategizing for success with solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, arts organizations and nonprofits for the past 8 years.

My solutions can be tailored to work for companies of all sizes and strengths, and since I’ve found that I am often repeating myself over and over, I thought why not teach and reach many more people at once in addition to working with them one-on-one?

You can read some testimonials about me and my approach to marketing all over this page, but I’ll tell you that my two greatest superpowers are:

1. Being able to synthesize huge ideas into coherent action steps that feel actually doable

2. Project planning like a badass, so everything runs smoothly and there are no moments of last-minute panic

I’m going to teach you one of the ways I live out those superpowers when I walk through my “Five Step Future-Forward Formula” in Module 6: Make Your Marketing Master Plan. 


No problem. Seriously. I only want happy, dedicated students.

I ask that you please complete Weeks 1-3 this program with us and turn in your assignments to my team before we can give you a refund. This ensures we know you participated to the best of your ability and still are dissatisfied.

Let me be crystal clear – you’ll need to decide that you would like a refund within the first 3 weeks. We cannot offer refunds after 30 days.

Remind me - what exactly do I get if I enroll?

Sure! You’ll get immediate access to the complete Confident + Consistent Marketing Course member site, which will be updated each week to display the 6 Main Topic Training Modules in more than 21 video lessons, with PDF homework assignments and marketing templates (value: $2,750)

You’ll also get:

  • Access to our Private, Members Only Facebook Group for 8 Weeks of Accountability & Community (value: $247)
  • Three Tactical Marketing Master Classes to take your web, email and social to the next level (value: $120)
  • Weekly, Live Q&A Sessions with Amy for Troubleshooting & Clarity (value: $997)

There might even be a couple of extra special bonus materials thrown in along the way, because I’m so super excited about this course!

All of this adds up to a total value of $4,114, which is a super wonky number and way too high a price to be accessible to all the service-providers I want to serve.

You’ll pay a one-time fee of $997 or 3 monthly installments of $333 for lifetime access.

Have another question? Email us and we’ll get right back to you.

“AMY definitely makes it less stressful.

i feel less like I’m always playing catch up and more like I am consistently preparing for the future.”

– Cameron McKinney, choreographer

Did you read this entire page and you still don’t know who I am? O M G, you trooper!!! In case we don’t yet know each other – my name is Amy Jacobus, and I get fired up thinking about how entrepreneurship can give freedom to anyone, making room for more people to be more human, focusing their energy and time on family, friends and doing good. I’m upset about all the time service providers like you aren’t making a difference just because you aren’t writing copy that strikes the right chord or showing up in a genuine and caring way on social… I worry about missed opportunities just because deciding to do something takes too long or sounds overwhelming. I envision a world with your greater impact because small businesses may be low on resources, but they’re flush with passion, and they bring energy, beauty, kindness and service to their audiences.

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