Welcome to Confident + Consistent Marketing!

I am SO happy you joined us, and really excited to keep in touch in our private, members only group calls.

These weekly coaching calls will be our gathering space.

My team and I will be present to answer your questions, but I don’t want these calls to become lectures. I encourage you to all share with one another as well. Before we get started, I want to lay down some ground rules for participation in these calls.

My number one rule for this group is: PLAY NICE.

Kindness is incredibly important to me, and I suspect it will also be incredibly important to gaining from this group experience. I expect us all to keep it honest and real, but also respectful and kind. 

Refine Your Ideal Audience

Rule #2: Be Generous

We will all gain from working together in this group experience if we are generous with our knowledge, our time and our experiences. If you had an epiphany filling out a homework assignment, share it with the group! If you found a new tech tool that is saving you tons of time in marketing, share it with the group! 


Yes, this is a group experience about marketing our products, services and creative work. We will be sharing our real-life examples of struggles we have with our marketing and helping each other work through them. That means we’ll be sharing what we do, and what we sell. 

I hope that this group becomes a natural support system for each member. That you make genuine, helpful connections with one another and perhaps you even work together in the future. Let these connections happen naturally—it would be a disservice to the community if our calls become a weekly place for sales pitches rather than learning.

I’m going to ask that you hold all promotions unless I ask for them. Or you think it will help someone else. If it feels more like promotion than help, it probably is.

We’ll be adhering to our company values throughout this experience.


Purpose-driven work


Strategic thinking


Smart tests & data-driven evaluation


Outstanding organization


Meaningful boundaries






A commitment to becoming and being anti-racist

AJM has taken the Anti-Racist Small Business Pledge, designed by Rachel Rodgers / Hello Seven. As such, we are in an ongoing commitment to name white supremacy and the impact of racism in our professional lives and commit to open-conflict and allow discomfort.

We will do our best to create and foster an inclusive and equitable atmosphere in this group and we expect members to do the same. Our team welcomes any and all feedback related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

We have zero tolerance for blatant discriminatory or exclusionary behavior or speech in our weekly meetings. We will call members in if we notice micro-aggressions and missteps, and if we see fit, we reserve the right to uninvite a member from future group calls, revoking their access to coaching and restricting their enrollment to include only the pre-recorded course materials. No refunds or partial refunds will be given for rescinding access to group calls.

marketing when you're overwhelmed

All right. I’m ready to get started, and I hope you are, too!

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