Confident & Consistent Marketing is now closed.

Womp womp. What a bummer! But there is still more to learn!

Our digital marketing master classes teach solopreneurs & small business owners how to apply simple marketing strategies that amplify their impact.

relationship building in your marketing

Social media

Facebook & Instagram Warm Ads

Running Facebook and Instagram ads to warm audiences.

relationship building in your marketing

Content Marketing

Define & Promote your Brand Values

Solidify your core values & help your business stand out from the crowd.

Social Media

How to Use Instagram stories like a Pro

Find deeper connection and more opportunities on social.


Nurture Newcomers with a Powerful Welcome Email Sequence

Complete set-up instructions for an automated welcome series for your email list.


Feeling stuck? Enter: content marketing research

How to develop your content marketing plan with ideas that are uniquely compelling to your ideal audience.


The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Marketing

Let’s take a look at marketing trends together and learn what you should focus your energy on this year.


Refresh Your Website in 3 Easy Steps

Walk through easy web fixes that ensure your audience is finding the right (and most compelling!!) information on your site.


Encourage Loyalty with 3 New Email Automations

Learn ways to fully automate personalized content for your email subscribers to strengthen relationships & grow sales.


30 Days of Content Marketing in 5 Hours or Less

Borrow my tried and true process to create a whole month’s worth of social media posts in half a day.

“AMY Helped me see marketing as something that is natural, easy, and necessary.

I took all three of Amy’s summer marketing courses last year, and I can not begin to say how much this information has helped me see marketing as something that is natural, easy, and necessary. Any overwhelm that I felt about creating content to market myself including blog writing, sending out weekly newsletters, and posting on social media was erased with simple, digestible, and actionable strategy to get things done.”

— Terriell Samuels, The Pilates Happy Hour


Join our waiting list and I’ll let you know the minute we re-open.

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    Our free group is a great place to get marketing homework assignments, share challenges and wins, and get advice from the AJM team & your fellow entrepreneurs!

    I put the bulk of my own marketing time into the writing on my blog – making it the best free resource I can give to all my would-be clients, like you!

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