Avoid Wasting Money on Marketing Help

Know How to Direct Before You Delegate

Let me guess one of your biggest fears in marketing.


You’ll waste a ton of time and money hiring a specialist in SEO, Google Ads, social media, or [other] and none of it gets you any closer to your goals.

Now, let me tell you something scary. This happens more than I’d like to see.

Fully terrified of hiring anyone to help you market your business? Don’t be. I can help you ensure that it will be a more productive, effective relationship between you and your next marketing hire.

It all comes down to this: you have to know how to direct before you delegate.

Think about it this way – would you hire someone to decorate your house without telling them about your taste in furniture? Or showing them examples of your favorite works of art? Or warning them about your dog and asking how they’ll plan a room that can withstand a ton of shedding fur?

Um, no, you would not.

Because you’d have no idea what you’d be walking into after handing over the keys to your home.

You would want to sit down and discuss the possibilities and feel confident they understood your aesthetic. You would want some reports on their progress in shopping, sourcing and planning the different rooms in your home. You’d expect to be able to give feedback on their work along the way.

So why would you even consider another way of working when marketing your business?

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Why would you hire a social media manager without a sense of your strategy and a style and brand guide they can reference for clarity and consistency of voice?

Why would you hire a digital advertising team without checking in on how they are shaping copy and imagery for your ads and landing pages?

Why would you hire a copywriter without sharing your thoughts on language and tone?

Well, you might do all of the above if you haven’t taken the time or put in the work yourself to first establish all those important marketing criteria.

That’s the problem with delegating too soon, or when you’re just stretched thin and can’t deal. You first must know who you serve and how you want to show up in the world before you let anyone else show up for you.

Here’s a handy 3-point checklist

…for when you’re thinking of hiring someone to assist with your online marketing:


know your goals

Have a clear sense of what kind of return you want to make on your investment, and on what timeline. You might get a little pushback on the timing from your hired pro, and that might be a good thing – but as long as they’re listening and offering an alternative timing, you can still set your expectations.


know your brand

Have a style guide (or make one) that shares your ideas on brand voice, visual aesthetic and essential copy, including mission, values and tagline if you have them.


understand the big picture

Don’t hire someone to post on your social media if your only reason for being on social media is because “everyone else is”! You don’t have to know the inner workings of Facebook ads manager (that’s why you hired this person), but you do need to know why Facebook ads are a potentially strong strategy for your business. And how those ads connect with other marketing tactics in your toolkit.

Know what you want and how to show up.

When you decide to delegate part of your marketing to a professional, and you know what you want and how you want to show up, the partnership is inherently more collaborative, more generative and more effective.

Hiring outside marketing help can save you time and speed up progress towards your business goals. But only if you know how to direct and track the relationship.


If you don’t know who your ideal client, customer or audience member is, chances are you’re wasting every minute you spend on social media, emails and more.

That’s why we created a worksheet to help you better understand and locate your ideal audience for every service or product or event you have. Totally free to use again and again!

    I strategize, consult and manage digital marketing and communications for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. I’m based in Brooklyn, because I have a thing for exposed brick, cozy, local coffee shops and the can’t stop, won’t stop energy of New York.

    Because I work with small companies, I get the chance to really know my clients – what makes them tick and how and why they should stand out in a crowded marketplace. A lot of my clients have a smaller staff, a limited budget and are already stretched thin for time. This leads us to tailor marketing strategies and solutions to each company’s unique needs and actual capacity.

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