Bright Ideas

by Amy Jacobus Marketing

Social Media that Matters

Because I work with small businesses, nonprofits and arts organizations, my clients don’t have large teams — no one has a staff member solely devoted to Instagram Stories. And they don’t have big budgets to spend on promoting posts. They need to use their limited resources to the fullest. So my consulting focuses on Social Media That Matters. Time and money and creativity well-spent.

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Find Your Forever Fans: Identify Your Target Audience with this Free + Fun Worksheet

Identifying and speaking directly to a clear target audience is an essential step in building any marketing campaign – and one that many of my clients overlook in the hopes of reaching everyone. That’s why I created a worksheet specifically designed to help you think more deeply about your audience for any project or campaign you’re about to embark on.

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The Calendar is Your Bestie – AKA Invest Some Time in Long Term Marketing Strategy

At least once a week, someone asks me how I manage to “do it all.” Check tasks off my to-do lists for multiple clients, to respond promptly to emails and return phone calls, to meet three major deadlines in a day, to make room for analyzing and learning from past campaigns, to eat food and get some sleep and still have dreams and goals for my business and for the work of my clients…

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Unproductive Moments: Making Room for Intuition

My new thing: taking time to do nothing. Just in the last week, I started to practice very intentional, micro moments of non-productivity. Unproductive moments are moments when I sit or stand or pace without purpose. Without checking something off my list. Without consciously brainstorming for the next marketing campaign or big personal project.

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Jacob’s Pillow Website Redesign

Meet the Pillow Jacob’s Pillow is a National Historic Landmark and National Medal of Arts recipient – an esteemed arts institution that presents world class dance performances, supports promising emerging artists, and offers unparalleled training in arts...

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About Me

Wordsmith, baker of layer cakes, frequenter of cutesy cafes, marketing brain and exercise enthusiast - among other joyous things.

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